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You probably know you need help with getting heard and finding the right clients online.  (Or, you might just want help with certain aspects of your marketing.)

But, what can I actually do for you in your specific situation?

This is the place to start!

What you'll get in your free 25-minute mini session:

  • You'll tell me where you're at with your marketing, your website, and what you're trying to achieve

  • I'll help you uncover weak spots and unconscious self-sabotage in your existing (or not-yet existing) online messaging

  • I'll offer you valuable feedback and specific approaches you can start using immediately in your digital strategy

  • I can show you shortcuts to help you think differently about marketing, enabling you to create more value for your clients and charge adequately for your services

  • I get the chance to find out if your business is actually a match for what I offer and if we have the potential for a working relationship


Message from a recent client:

"Having a conversation with you gave me the inspiration and ability to create the website that I needed to create, and go deeper into examination of the storylines that are wanting to emerge. And I thank you for the inspiration that came through simply speaking with you, and the alignment and integrity of your heart and message!"

- Hannah Jermstad, School of Connection

Hannah Jermstad School of Connection

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