Self-care in Business Isn’t all Roses and Shea Butter: From Retail Crisis to Shea Brand - Episode #003 with Marie Arlet of Shea Brand

In this Episode:

— How Marie’s unfulfilling experiences working in fast fashion motivated her to co-found a self-care brand that operates differently

— The benefits of not working solo, but instead working on a team that’s motivated by the same vision and goals

— Trusting you’re in alignment with your business dreams, even when cleaning cat-poop out of cages for work

— How being overlooked for promotion prompted Marie to truly value herself and led her to where she’s at now

— The importance of genuine marketing messages in a world of “buy now”

— How Shea Brand decided to create a #minimalplastic product line without sacrificing beautiful packaging that customers love

— Marketing as reparations & the responsibility of brands to keep pushing for racial justice in the CBD / Marijuana industry, as well as design sustainability into their products

— “I think customers are smart. Be authentic to them and give them the best.”