Realize your most engaging topics (and grow your integrity) — Episode #002 w/ Caroline Putnam of Reviveolution

**PLEASE NOTE** — This podcast was recorded in October 2018, and due to the Camp Fire in my community, I took a pause on the podcast for a couple months. In the interview, Carolina mentions December immersion dates, which have passed, but you can check out the Reviveolution upcoming 2019 schedule here.

In the Intro:

— Why your website shouldn’t be a puzzle for your clients to figure out

In this Interview:

— How I met Carolina

— Personal Prayer, Q’ero people, Machu Picchu, and Eco-Spiritual Tourism

— What you need to hear if you’re thinking of going to Peru for a ceremony, retreat, or to see Machu Picchu

— Why romanticized notions of indigenous spiritual practices are damaging to not only the indigenous Q’ero of Peru, but also the spiritually seeking tourists (Do you really want to be a garbage man?)

— Why it’s critical to understand the perspective of another culture (especially when seeking to gain wisdom from that culture)

— How Carolina decided to create a career for herself after graduating college

—  Following your life calling and trusting your vision

“It’s not that I saw the whole staircase ahead of time.  I just went for it, and trusted myself.”

— Creating authentic connections online while stepping into deeper integrity with your work

— Old Paradigm v. New Paradigm Marketing (Unethical Manipulation v. Ethical Authenticity)

— How Carolina’s thought of the topic for her most popular video post ever

— Common misconceptions if you are starting a business and want to promote yourself (you don’t need to do it all)

—Getting over fear of being “on-schedule” and letting yourself be shown what to focus on

— Carolina’s perspective on cultural appropriation being a Caucasian woman married into a Q’ero family 

— Join Carolina in Peru for a retreat this March 2019

— Carolina’s private sessions for integrating earth wisdom into daily life

— How creating art is not an avoidance, but feeding productive energy

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