Screw the Algorithms & Find Freedom in Your Work, Even When it's not "Normal" -- Episode #001 with Faye Lessler

In the Intro:

  • How FOCUS is the key to the recent websites I’ve worked on (from freelance writing to eco-luxe underwear)

  • New blog on my site:  How to talk effectively about yourself on your website

In this Episode:

  • Faye’s current transition in her work and what’s driving it

  • How sustainability becoming a trend has played a role in Faye’s focus

  • Greenwashing in the digital media & sustainability social influencer arenas

  • How Faye relates to her parents, who don’t necessarily understand what she does (or how she does it)

  • Life Goals: Freedom, Fulfillment, and No Bosses

  • Finding success for yourself & unhacking Faye’s vision for success

  • Influential books we’ve read and how fiction speaks to threads in our reality

  • Why we need to trust artists and how we can each be a leader by following our callings

  • Imposter syndrome in entrepreneurship and remembering that success stories are written with many failures 

  • Faye’s advice for startup sustainable brands

  • Unlearning that creativity is loud and bright—it can be quiet and introverted too

  • What happened when Faye learned that being on Instagram makes Facebook money (and that they own her content)

  • Screw the Algorithm — If you’re trying to make content because you think you need to make content, your content is going to be shit

  • Faye’s strategy to make her instagram and blog the most impactful (for herself as well as her audience)

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