Full Spectrum Package

Digital Strategy & Squarespace Web Design

There are many people on the internet telling their story.  But there are rarely people who are standing out while they are doing it.  It's really hard to tell your story by yourself.  I'm here to help you craft the framework and the website that will attract the attention of clients that are actually interested in what you’re offering.

It is completely possible to build a website without first considering your marketing strategy. However, in many cases, this leads to a sense that the work done to create the website was a waste of time. If you don’t understand who you’re building your website for and what you’re trying to achieve with your website, you will not be able to speak to your ideal clients, and therefore, your website won’t give you the outcomes you want.

What you can expect when you decide to work with me:

Good marketing shouldn’t sound like an ad.
With my approach, I help you understand that marketing does not mean advertising. You can market yourself by telling a powerful and authentic story that will help you achieve your business goals.

My Full Spectrum Package combines my expertise in custom website design with my experience in digital storytelling. The result is a website and online presence that successfully maps the journey you take your clients on when you work with them.

Praise from a recent client:


Working with Lily, I loved having video meetings and being able to talk "face to face”. I loved that she took notes during every web conference, which made me feel very heard and my work noted. Her strategic advice on website verbiage and campaign consulting has continued to ripple into my work since then. I always keep a Lily voice in the back of my mind when writing. And, I have gotten many compliments on my website, which she redesigned.  Now it is very easy for my website visitors to shop, contact me and find links through my website. Lily was the very first person I have paid to help with anything Madre Mudra!! Crazy, because now I am entering production with a design team in LA!

— Bree Lauren, Founder, Madre Mudra


The Full Spectrum Package will help you:

  • Establish your marketing goals in realistic terms

  • Get clear on not just your story, but who your story is for, and mapping your website to resonate at the level of the clients you’re trying to reach

  • Find the specific words that authentically explain what you do and why it is relevant to your client

  • Understand how to get testimonials that actually create impact for your potential clients

What you’ll get:

  • A personalized digital strategy that maps out your core message

  • A guide throughout the entire process of writing your content for your website and marketing

  • Everything in the Custom Website Package

  • 1-on-1 sessions via video chat to guide your process of understanding how to effectively market your business



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Full Spectrum Package