Personalized Digital Strategy

Marketing Analysis and Development Session


Your digital strategy is all about the story you’re telling online. However, it’s not just about the story itself, but about how you’re telling your story for your business. Visitors to your website, social media, and newsletters need to be able, in some way, to identify with the story that you’re telling. Otherwise, they cannot connect, or understand why your products or services are relevant to them.

Still, your digital strategy needs to be authentic. Of course, it can be challenging to find the right framework for your story by yourself, simply because you’re sitting in the middle of it. That’s where an outside perspective comes in handy to be able to find the right way of telling your story from within.

When you work with me to create a personalized digital strategy, we will to find out what works best for you in your specific situation. Based on your knowledge of yourself and my experience, I’ll show you how you can create what you want from what you have. Picking the right tools here is essential so you can grow your business systematically.

You can use the outcomes of this session either to go forward by yourself, or continue working with me to further develop of the relationship between you and your online community of followers.

How the session with me works:

Part 1. Analysis & Vision

  • Understand your current (or planned) online presence

  • Define your vision and goals in realistic terms

  • Troubleshoot for specific issues

  • Strategize planning for building your authentic digital presence

    + Plus personally tailored homework questions for Part 2


Part 2. Develop & Fine Tune

  • Go over homework from Part. 1

  • Clarity about who your audience is (who you’ll be telling your story to)

  • Workshopping existing content you specifically want help with

  • Shortcuts to help you think differently about marketing and get you in the mindset to create your online story

  • Valuable feedback based on my experience and instinct


  • Part 1. - 55 minute video call

  • Part 2. - 55 minute video call



Not-so-fine print:

  • You can choose to record your calls to listen again and again

  • You don’t need an existing online presence to get started with strategy

  • If you do have an existing presence, you can bring specific questions you need help with

  • If you want to continue after Part 2, you can book additional sessions for $125 each



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