How to Talk About Yourself on Your Website (in an Effective way)

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It can be really hard to know what to say when you have to write about yourself for your website.

Most people don’t think that they will need to write when they build a new website. It’s actually the writing that is the most important part, for 2 reasons:

  1. The writing creates the framework for the website.

  2. When you focus on writing your story for your website, it can also change how you perceive your business, and make it easier to share about your work with potential clients.

But, writing a website that connects with clients doesn’t happen magically. Read on to learn from an example from my recent client.


Collaboration Works Consulting

Client Case Study

About Collaboration Works Consulting:

Joc Clark of CWC helps teams work better, together. His expertise in organizational development and collaborative leadership is sought after by clients ranging from executive corporate boards to small family-run businesses.

While we designed the website for Collaboration Works Consulting, I coached Joc through the process of writing and editing his website text. We were able to write copy that clearly communicates how he can help his potential clients and why they should hire him.

Joc’s homepage copy.

Joc’s homepage copy.


In Joc’s case, it took some strategic thinking to create that clarity and connection.

Like most people, Joc had his reservations about being clear and direct about promoting himself. I wanted him to write about how great his results are, and how much of an expert in his field he is, which can be challenging when you’re a humble person. He even hesitated to ask his clients for testimonials, and I know a lot of people share his sentiment.

I’m not sure he was fully aware of his reservations when he decided he needed a new website and hired me, but that kind of subconscious block around self-promotion is really common, and I notice it in almost all of my clients.

It’s sounds kinda crazy, but in my experience, most people have some kind of resistance to actually telling people about what they do and why you should care, especially on their websites. I won’t get into why that is now, but I’ll give you an example:

Have you ever landed on a website, and felt like you had to figure it out, as if the site was designed to be a puzzle?

I find it incredible how many sites don’t make what it is about and why you should care 100% obvious from the homepage.

A good website doesn’t feel like a puzzle. It doesn’t make you piece together what it’s about, how it can help you, and why you should care.

Keeping those points in mind when you are creating a website is key to actually communicating to your audience in a way that they can understand why they would want to work with you.

Joc was super receptive to my support and strategic guidance when we were writing his website, and we even started having a lot of fun with it. After initially resisting, he used the testimonial template I provided for him and re-wrote it in his own voice, then sent it out to some clients for feedback. (Testimonials are key for talking about yourself effectively on your website, stay tuned for more about testimonials).

When he started getting testimonials back from his clients, he was so happy he worked through his initial resistance and asked for testimonials from his clients—the feedback was incredibly meaningful for Joc personally, and, it adds a critical element of other people’s perspectives to his website.

The testimonials, along with the other text we wrote for Joc’s website, are what make his site compelling for potential clients to want to work with him. I had a great time working with Joc to create a website that showcases his work effectively to potential clients.

Again, you can check out his website at


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