20K Reach on FB without Paid Traffic (How to Make Money by Not Trying to Make Money - VIDEO)

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How to get More Reach w/ Facebook Events

Strategies discussed in the video:

1. Get Professional Web & Graphic Design

First impressions matter when you’re reaching new people online. Client Spotlight on theelderberryapothecary.org’s Autumn Herb Faire in Chico, CA.

2. Build Community Relationships

They are cheaper in the long term than more marketing later on for new clients or customers. By holding a free, community-oriented event, you meet people that will come back to you again and again for your products because you’ve established a relationship with them. It’s less important to focus on how the event will immediately make you money.

3. Get Your Shit Done (Manifest Your Vision)

Plan, organize, and make those dreams happen. This wouldn’t have been possible with a solid organizer putting the work in—publicizing the event is only part of what’s needed.


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