I learned the way of beads from Whope TwoFeathers in 2015.  She received the teaching as a gift from spirit in a vision. 


The technique

When I bead, I work with clean hands and heart because what we make carries our energy into the world.  This particular bead stitch contains no knots, and moves in a fluid moonwise, or counterclockwise, direction.  Beading this way involves prayer and intention.  To me, beading is a deeply spiritual and feminine practice.  I bead to weave my prayers together for the world I want for future generations.


Sharing the gift

If you would like a class, contact me. May this teaching stay alive in the hands of those who want to remember the old ways and never be sold for commercial gain.


About Me - Bead bio

Lily Rothrock learned about the prayer of beading and gifting from Whope TwoFeathers at Weaving Women’s Wisdom gathering in Northern California.  She finds beadwork very rewarding and knows the ancestors are singing when we create beauty with our hands.  We are the weavers of the world we want.   Lily lives near Chico, CA with her cat.