Hi there, I’m Lily Rothrock


What I do

I help my clients tell their story online.  I’m different than just a web designer who focuses on the visual display. I focus on your marketing strategy, or what’s behind everything from your navigation menu to your footer content. That’s because I want you to communicate what you offer in a way that will bring you the right kind of clients for your business, while feeling 100% authentic to your values.

The result

We can create a beautiful website that actually has an impact to bring you clients and money. You deserve peace of mind knowing that your story is well represented online, serving its purpose, and reaching the right people. 

Why I do what I do

How did I get started?
I never planned to be a digital storyteller. In fact, many people are shocked when they find out how much time I spend online. I don’t fit most people’s perceptions of who a web designer “should” be. People tend to think of me as someone who spends a lot of time out in nature, barefoot, occasionally consulting with the plants.

So, what compels me to spend as much time as I do online?
It’s simple, actually: I want the stories that need to be heard to actually be heard. I’ve noticed that people who are dedicated to the amazing work that the world needs—the kind of people that I like to work with—usually need support to tell their story in a compelling way to an online audience. I hope that by working with my clients and collaborators, we can give voice to the stories that need telling now.